Playing tech SFE

Playing tech SFE

About SFE

SFE is a tech and film company making drones, graphics and films.

Where back!

The adventurePosted by Janne Mon, November 30, 2015 09:40:12
Yesterday ad for Coca-Cola and today installation for Rosendal.

New chapter

The adventurePosted by Janne Wed, March 04, 2015 18:39:15
Company "Svensk Film Effekt - SFE" was created 1999 - 16years ago for production of graphics to Galenskaparna in Gothenburg. Now it's a new chapter and while SFE webpage, mail and phone numbers will be same, it will be under a new flag and form called "Wermeland Storytelling AB".

Here is the new page:

and this is the new office with barely anything in it :)

Mr Spock

The adventurePosted by Janne Fri, February 27, 2015 22:20:35
Remembering hurring home from school to see Star Trek on tv as a kid. Inspiring and a looking glass in to the future it felt.
Good bye Mr Nimoy.

The Dress

The adventurePosted by Janne Fri, February 27, 2015 10:41:42
Crazy thing. I see the dress in the -picture- as white and gold, but if I imagine I get blinded and my eyes hurt a bit by the light behind, I see it as red and green. Which it is not.

New move by Arri

The adventurePosted by Janne Mon, February 23, 2015 21:39:31
The Alexa mini: probably very good on gimbal and drones.. but is it better then Dragon carbon? :) ..or RED Weapon Carbon?

Inspiring dp

The adventurePosted by Janne Sun, February 22, 2015 14:45:23

RED in space

The adventurePosted by Janne Fri, February 20, 2015 18:22:13
Dragon shooting Dragon.
Space-X cargo ship "Dragon" is docking to ISS and this is being filmed with a RED Dragon camera.


The adventurePosted by Janne Wed, January 28, 2015 01:17:17
Today was cool. Got to listen to som really smart people among Torkel Danielsson that built the Intuitiv Aerial Aerigon Cinema Drone.

The Aerigon is very beautiful made and truly a professional and cool machine. Clever design put the ESC inside the frame protected from air and rain, but cooling plates touching directly on the mosfets sits right in the middle of the fast airstream.

Torkel said the wiring was made in almost one unit with no solder points to make very reliable, and with cable normally used for hivoltage to make a low-loss-low-weight cable system. Everything is made to be taken apart for transport easily.

Hope I get to fly it some day.

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