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Playing tech SFE

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SFE is a tech and film company making drones, graphics and films.

Above a frozen forest

The adventurePosted by Janne Fri, January 09, 2015 02:43:00
Taking a break from flying the heay drones out in the deep forest north west from Torsby, close to a place called Sörmark I flew my phantom as far I could see in the fog. Flying with this heli nice and I enjoy it very much. Below: a bookbus driver that have driven this yellow buss his entire life is retired and now himself the customer.

Shot with a Phantom 2 and Zenmuse H3-3D and Gopro 3
No FPV or GPS, just VFR and atti.

I really hate "safety" features, they are the biggest problem. The intelligent battery later caused a crash because when getting to one light it fell into non-take-off mode ... BUT the problem was it was still flying and just stopped responding. The result was a crash cause by a safety feature.

This is the flight

Good movie

The adventurePosted by Janne Sun, January 04, 2015 17:45:50
Still youtubing and having flu. Found this old Lasse Hallström film about the true story of the faithful dog Hachikō. Waited every day for his ovner to return on a train station. When the owner died he continued to wait for another 9 years. Now there is a bronze statue on the place Hachikō waited. Really good but hard not to cry.

2009 Lasse Hallström film:

1987 Japanese film:

Cool pryl

The adventurePosted by Janne Fri, January 02, 2015 23:46:05
Varit helt däckad en vecka, kanske influensa och inte orkat mycket. Kolla på massa nasa-youtube filmer. Blev fast i byggandet av nya rymdteleskopet JWST James Webb Space Telescope. Den är stor som en villa och kostar 65 miljarder kr. Just nu håller de på att montera alla 18 moduler av huvudspegeln. De är gjorda av Beryllium med guldyta. Det helt sjuka med detta bygge är skalan på allt. Stort som fan, dyrt och helt otroligt! Som en sci-fi film. Förra rymdteleskopet Hubble är ju också i rymden och stor som en folkabuss i låg omloppsbana kring jorden. Denna ska långt ut i rymden på en speciell plats som kallas L2. Det kommer från matten: Lagrangian punkter. Det betyder att 3 object kan rotera kring varandra och behålla sina relativa positioner. L2 (solen-jorden-jwst) finns ca 1.5 miljoner km från jorden på "utsidan" bort från solen. Där kommer jwst ha en liten egen halo omloppsbana men åka med jorden när vi roterar kring solen.

Detta stora solsegel i 5 lager är till för att skugga spegeln. Den kommer vara superkyld och bara ha en temp -230C!!! Det är för att dess uppgift är att se på IR spektrumet (värme) och för att se de svagaste galaxerna ute i rymden så måste den vara så kall den kan, annars stör teleskopets egen värme. Men fatta hur coolt. Att använda en RED kamera i -10C är jobbigt och nästan inte möjligt, men här måste elektroniken fungera i -200C!

Det kommer kunna se länge bort i universum än man kan drömma om, och också se främmande rymdskepp så länge de inte är frusna till en isklump. Coolt som fan -på alla sätt- i oktober 2018 skickas det upp.

The popular one

The adventurePosted by Janne Thu, December 25, 2014 20:25:06
Today it was -22C and we where playing on the ice. I was flying a Phanton 2 with 3axis gimbal. This quad is probably the world most common drone and an awesome flying machine. Compared to my bigger drones it is very similar, but a bigger drone is easier to see when flying far away and here the camera is directed ro front always so you have to piont aircraft to film. On the bigger drones there is 2-man operation and this makes flying independent to camera movement.

Here is todays flying w overly dramatic music

The small drone

The adventurePosted by Janne Tue, December 23, 2014 16:32:16
The Hubsan X4 with hd720 camera is pretty good and stable. In daylight it probably can be used in some action hi-risk shooting situation. Rebuilt with a mini 3-axis gimbal and hdmi transmittor it will be the ultimate live-action drone for sport-TV. Pretty cool having these guys following stuff around and totally safe.

Here is a flight in -18 C degree

..and some new

The adventurePosted by Janne Sat, December 20, 2014 23:00:55
Yesterday me and Erik Malmstig flew the heavy drone "Elak" over Nacka Strand with RED Epic Dragon "Drutten" during the light show for B-reel. This was about the 3000th flight with this drone and the first for Drutten. Everything worked kinda good. Some buggs in the gimbal sensor. This was probably the last flight for Elak carrying RED cameras. To old and worn. Next years drone will be ready soon and that will be even more awesome!

More retro

The adventurePosted by Janne Sat, December 20, 2014 22:30:24
While in the mood for some history, here is the renderfarm I made in 2008 for a animated tv-show for UR and Mikael Agaon.

The site got published on hackaday and engadget and one morning the site couter was over 2 millions hits. Insane. Anyway, here is the old site. All best J

First blog entry

The adventurePosted by Janne Sat, December 20, 2014 22:18:02
Hi friends and strangers. This is my new blog and my first entry. I thought I post some old pics from one of my first shoots with RED. Director here is Peter Mattsson and sound is Samuel Tyskling. We shot 3 tv ads in the rain with REDONE #4744. What kida baffels me is that sins this shoot 7 years ago I have got another 5 Red cameras and about 24 other cameras, but I still have same pair of shoes. The KEEN sport sandals. All best J

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